About Sophie

In creating Le Petit Gan, Founder Sophie brings together many of her own early foundations: a Master’s Degree in Education, 12 years’ experience in pre-school classrooms, her international roots, and a lifelong love of teaching children.

Born in Paris, and raised in Israel, Sophie moved to Los Angeles as a teenager. Her first years here were spent fostering a passion for teaching young children. Sophie holds a BA in Jewish Studies and Education from UCLA, 2009, and Masters’ Degree in Education from American Jewish University, 2012. In addition to her academic and professional credentials, Sophie is fluent in  French and Hebrew, she is a mommy of two little girls Eden & Liv and has a love for international cuisine that is plant based and organic (see Organic/Kosher). Le Petit Gan represents the culmination of Sophie’s pre-school expertise in both her professional and personal life.