How to whip up a quick and healthy dinner for your family.

How to whip up a quick and healthy dinner for your family.

Keep it wholesome, fresh, organic and most of all FUN for the kids to help mommy in the kitchen! 🙂

Light and simple dinners are the perfect meals to end these beautiful sunny days.
This vegetarian Eggplant  burger is a great healthy light and savory meal for your little ones to enjoy making and eating. For this quick and simple dish start by inviting your child into a cooking mommy and me kitchen adventure! 🙂

Here we go….

Ingredients for 3 servings:
1 Bunch of Fresh Kale
1 tomato
3 Buns (I used Challah buns but any will work)
1/2 an onion
SaltSlice your eggplant to about one inch thick then, have your little one sprinkle some salt and let it sit. (This will help absorb all of the eggplant’s liquids).
Lightly dust your eggplant with paprika and some olive oil. Let your child get messy and rub the spices onto the eggplant!  Once eggplant has been sitting for a few minutes grill it well on both sides on your barbecue (you can also fry it instead).
Now that your eggplants are grilled it is simple and fun to put it all together into a delicious plate:)
Top the bun with thin slices of onion, some kale and slices of tomatoes then, top with a slice of eggplant. Generously spread hummus on top of the eggplant and layer with one last slice of the delicious grilled eggplant. Serve and Enjoy!Does your child get curious in the kitchen when you are cooking?
What are some ways you get your little one involved in preparing dinner?
Yours Truly,
Le Petit Gan ❤️