Raising Multilingual Children

Raising Multilingual Children

He/she is too young….

You will confuse your child…

Wait until he/she is fluent in one language first….

These are common myths any multilingual parent has definitely heard! In fact its quit the opposite. The earlier you expose your child to another language the better and easier it is. So…. if you are expecting your bundle of joy, start now. Read books in other languages, play a variety of music in multiple languages and start preparing your child to become a creative thinker!
So before you get started on a lifelong journey with your child here are some amazing benefits of raising a multilingual baby 🙂
– Multilingualism enhances your child’s cognitive skills
– Multilingual kids have a better memory
– Multilingual kids have shown to have better concentration, analytic skills and ability to multi-task
– Multilingual kids have better listening skills
– Multilingual kids learn to read much sooner then their monolingual classmates
– Multilingual kids are great communicators, writers and creative thinkers
These are only a few of the reasons I am a huge fan of exposing children to different languages. It truly is magical when a little tiny 2  year old starts with little bursts of words in another language. The most incredible part of it all is how at such a young age they can differentiate between the languages.
I have little two year olds in my Los Angeles based preschool that quickly learned to say Bonjour to the French teacher, Shalom to the Hebrew teacher and Hello to the English teacher… To me that is magical!
Having your child simply exposed to another language whether in preschool or at home in an organic and casual way is all you need for them to flourish into multilingual kids… Start with simply saying in French “Bonne Nuit” at night or in Hebrew “Lila Tov”…. 🙂
Do you have a multilingual child or is your child in a Multilingual environment?
Yours Truly,
Le Petit Gan ❤️