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Can Cooking Healthy Foods with your Preschool Child Be a Science/ Math Lesson?

Cooking with children is one of the funnest activities they can do !

Not only is it fun….Its the best way to learn Math and Science. 🙂

How to start the Fun learning process.

Teaching cooking skills begins with learning about measurements. Children can be introduced to the process of cooking by grabbing a measuring cup and filling it up with water, flour, sugar etc…
Don’t be scared of letting your child and your kitchen get dirty. It is a big part of this Fun process.

Giving the children an opportunity to measure will teach them numbers, weight, additions & Subtractions and much much more. In our French Israeli Preschool cooking is a Fun way for our children to learn languages 🙂 Sometimes we count the flour cups in Hebrew and sometimes we count them in French! The kids LOVE it!

Let your child explore!

There are many many Fun healthy recipes children love making. A great thing to do with your child is to create your own family cookbook and take pictures as you accomplish your weekly recipe 🙂

Fun Fun Fun Keep up the cooking!

Yours Truly,

Sophie Le Petit Gan

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