Students at Le Petit Gan are consistently exposed to French and Hebrew throughout the school day. They both hear the two languages spoken and are expected to speak them in return, first in single bursts of words, eventually in full sentences. Much of this learning is done organically, through exposure. The French language is taught by speaking to the children in French, singing French songs with them, and reading them both well-known French children’s books and stories translated into French.

The Hebrew language is taught in the same manner, with additional instruction on Jewish holidays such as Channukah, Purim and Rosh Hashana. We expose the children to age-appropriate Jewish values with a modern twist. We also bake challahs on Friday!

Among the values we stress to our young students: Charity/צדקה/charité Respect/כבוד/respect Love of Nature/אהבת הטבע/amour de la nature

Happily, much of this learning is accomplished outdoors, where Le Petit Gan students plant and harvest their own fruits and vegetables in a hands-on program built on the notion that examples of what is in textbooks are all around us. Turning a mound of dirt makes earth science real. Watching worms at work is an important environmental lesson. The food chain starts with a seed planted by a child. Math is in a measuring cup. The possibilities are endless. We believe children learn best by doing. Activities that promote curiosity and eagerness are the cornerstone of Le Petit Gan’s day. There are art projects, science projects, gardening projects and cooking projects. If one child has a particular interest, he or she is encouraged to share it with the group.