Our Directors

Our Le Petit Gan directors have years of childhood education experience and are dedicated to providing a nurturing and creative environment for each child.

Ziporah - Director of Los Angeles Campus

“Overseeing the academic development of each student, I truly believe that all children can and will achieve growth.”

Le Petit Gan’s Los Angeles Director Ziporah is a former special education teacher with a duel Master's degree in Early Childhood Education & Students with Disabilities. Ziporah combines her degree with her 16-year-long educational career to create a system that helps children grow and develop at their preferred pace and according to their own learning style.

Mariana - Director of Beverly Hills Campus

“I believe kids should be allowed to explore and discover their environment in a loving and caring atmosphere”

Le Petit Gan’s Beverly Hills Director Mariana is a certified RIE instructor with a certificate in teaching and administrative supervision. Mariana, alongside her team, supports children through physical activities such as gardening, caring for animals and creative art, to assist with their cognitive development. She is not one to shy away from getting dirty in the garden, playing dress-up or creating a beautiful mess with art supplies either, as she believes adult participation creates an atmosphere of love and compassion.