Le Petit Gan International Preschool Holiday Gift Guide – 20 Gifts for 2020

Le Petit Gan International Preschool Holiday Gift Guide – 20 Gifts for 2020

This year has been an interesting year for all of us- but that’s no excuse to let the burdens of 2020 fall onto our little ones. We are so happy to provide a safe learning environment for your children, where they are able to play freely, interact with others safely, while learning and developing more and more each day.

“Play” is such an important part in children’s learning. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. We’ve put together Le Petit Gan International Preschool approved gift ideas for any child you’re shopping for, to allow them to explore, play, and learn throughout the holiday season and beyond! These 20 gift ideas are aligned with Le Petit Gan International Preschool’s learning techniques, and are made of high-quality materials that will last. Whether your child loves art, gardening, sensory play, or music, we’re sure that you will find a gift in this list that they will love! All of these gifts and treasures can be found on Amazon- so they are shipped directly to you for easy gifting!

For the Garden-loving little one: On Le Petit Gan International Preschool campuses, the garden is a favorite area for all kids big and small. If your child loves caring for plants and animals, planting flowers, and even loves getting a little dirty in the garden, these gifts will bring a big smile to their face.

For the art lover: These gifts are for the children who express themselves through paint and markers! Art is such a great way to get creative and make something we can cherish forever. These gifts will allow them to draw, paint, and create!

For the little ones: For the youngest kids who are having their first, second, or third holiday season. These gifts may seem simple, but they will provide tons of playtime for hours on end for your littles.

Sensory Play: Sensory play, in addition to being fun and interesting for babies and young children, encourage children to explore and investigate. These gifts help to build nerve connections in the brain and encourage the development of motor skills for your littles.

Practical Life Gifts: As parents, we may not think that children like to pretend to cook and clean. On the contrary, our littles see us doing “daily life tasks” and they would love to help you! These treasures open up a world of fun for kids of cooking, cleaning, and pretending to talk to their loved ones on the phone!