Home Cooked Organic Meals/ Activities

At Le Petit Gan, we aspire to create the finest culinary experience for our children by combining the highest quality Organic produce and incorporating a mixture of culture into the schools' menu.

Each meal is prepared with care using the highest quality ingredients available (sometimes from our own garden!). We provide home cooked meals 3 times a day that are included with tuition - so no more time spent scrambling to make a lunch box every morning! The extra time spent in the kitchen and our belief in using organic produce and wholesome foods is another advantage that makes Le Petit Gan truly unique.


Fun Fun Art day! (Painting, drawing, sewing, hand work, craft work, and theatre).


Fun Fun Science day! (Amazing science projects that children love).


Fun Fun Cooking day! (Measuring, pouring, and mixing fun ingredients for a yummy meal).


Fun Fun Gardening and Water day! (Planting, watering, harvesting of fruits and vegetables, trimming and caring for the plants as we sing along).


Fun Fun Baking and Shabbat day! (Pouring, mixing and creating delicious desserts and breads followed by a beautiful Shabbat party).