Why Le Petit Gan?

Le Petit Gan is an oasis for children to learn in the midst of a bustling city. We incorporate, organic meals, yoga, nature, and gardening into our daily activities while focusing on child-centered teaching methods. Our outdoor farm (with chickens and a bunny of course!), classroom, and garden provide a special landscape for learning. We take a hands-on approach to preschool education that instills the values of charity, respect, love, and independence of nature in our young students.

We believe much of this learning is accomplished outdoors, where Le Petit Gan students plant and harvest their own fruits and vegetables in a hands-on program built on the notion that examples from textbooks are actually all around us. Turning a mound of dirt makes earth science real. Watching worms at work is an important environmental lesson. The food chain starts with a seed planted by a child. Math is in a measuring cup. The possibilities are endless. We believe children learn best by doing. Activities that promote curiosity and eagerness are the cornerstone of Le Petit Gan’s day. There are art projects, science projects, gardening projects and cooking projects. If one child has a particular interest, they are encouraged to share it with the group. We want children to be active participants in their learning by getting excited and involved, setting them up for an educational career fueled by curiosity and passion.

Our Garden

We believe it’s important that children learn where food comes from, and help them play a role in tending our very own garden. Kids love to see how their work pays off by watching seeds turn into food that they actually get to eat! We harvest kale for our salad and cilantro and tomatoes to use when making their own pizzas. We also have a mini farm with a rabbit and chicken coop that the children check each morning for eggs. So much fun and love!

Organic Meals

Each meal is prepared with care using the highest quality ingredients available (sometimes from our own garden!). We provide home cooked meals 3 times a day that are included with tuition - so no more time spent scrambling to make a lunch box every morning! The extra time spent in the kitchen and our belief in using organic produce and wholesome foods is another advantage that makes Le Petit Gan truly unique.

Yoga for Kids

We partnered with Zooga Yoga to provide fun yoga for kids classes twice a week at Le Petit Gan. The day starts with a relaxing class that teaches mindfulness while building healthy habits and bringing focus to our day. Our little yogis have even started encouraging each other to “take a deep breath” throughout the day, as they have learned the principles of yoga can be applied to many aspects of life. Namaste!

Our Culture

Le Petit Gan is an international preschool that embraces every culture around the world. We are proud to have students from different countries like France, Belgium, Israel, and Japan, to name a few. Our children gain so much from learning about different cultures and languages, which fosters a sense of community, appreciation, and respect. We incorporate Jewish values into our lessons, as well as Jewish traditions like baking challah. Children are excited to learn Hebrew words and French mannerisms throughout their daily activities at Le Petit Gan.