5 Benefits of Summer Day Camp for Preschoolers

5 Benefits of Summer Day Camp for Preschoolers

With the long days of summer approaching and Los Angeles opening up, sending your preschooler to Summer Camp at Le Petit Gan International Preschool can not only assist transitioning your toddler to academic life, but also provide developmental and social benefits along the way.

1. Develop Socially & Emotionally

Social and Emotional development refers to a process in which a child learns to interact with others around them, while understanding their own emotions in various scenarios.
Children’s brains at this age are constantly evolving and adapting. One huge benefit of enrolling in a Preschool Summer Camp is knowing that your child is developing his or her necessary social skills with other children their age. They are learning how to share, communicate effectively, and coping skills to manage their emotions in an appropriate way. At Le Petit Gan we work to give kids the language and social tools they need to interact appropriately with other kids in a fun and safe environment.

2. Maintain Routine

Preschoolers thrive on routine. When children have a predictable, daily routine, they have lower stress levels and feel more safe. Summertime can often throw off a toddlers routine quite dramatically- the days are longer, parents are still at work, leaving space for much more unwelcomed free time and uncertainty in the toddlers eyes. At Summer Camp, the daily routine is scheduled and planned – activities, lunch time, and classes fill up the campers day, which makes them more comfortable and secure.

3. Increase Physical Activity

Summers at home can often lead to a stagnant child, glued to a tablet or a TV screen. Le Petit Gan Preschool’s campus allows for ample outside time and physical play- whether it be playing soccer, dance class, water play in the garden, or chasing after our animals (yes we have a bunny & chicken). There is no better activity for a preschooler than moving their bodies and playing outside. Summer Camp is a great opportunity for kids to try out different sports to spark brain development and promote physical activity.

4. Encourage Healthy Food Choices

Your child’s nutrition is of utmost importance at Le Petit Gan Preschool, and summer is no exception! We are proud to serve our students and campers home cooked, organic, healthy meals. Along with all the fun and learning that comes along with Le Petit Gan Summer Camp, your child will also pick up healthier eating habits, nourishing their minds and bodies. As an international preschool, it’s important to introduce meals from all cultures to children at a young age to help expand their taste buds and curiosity. If children are taught about different cultural foods, it can lead to being less picky with eating as they develop.

5. Improve Creativity

Le Petit Gan International Preschool is an oasis for creativity! We prioritize the importance of painting, art, drawing, writing, and imagination. When children are exposed to a creative environment with other kids their age, their imaginations go wild, increasing brain function and confidence. Arts and crafts are often not explored in the home, as it usually becomes a messy, paint-stained environment. This limits children’s creative spirit and they are not able to express themselves fully through art. Summer Camp is an amazing way to let their minds bloom with creativity and imagination – they love bringing home their masterpieces to share with family and friends!

Le Petit Gan Preschool’s Summer Camp is July 1st – August 20th at all three locations – West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles. Register your little one today to take advantage of our Summer Specials! Call (310) 866-0570 to Register or Book a Tour.