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3 New Year’s Resolutions For Every Parent!

            “He is a great listener!” “He shows such great respect and care to his peers and teachers!” “Definitely has a love and excitement for learning!” “Absolutely adores helping in classroom chores!” If you heard these during a parent teacher meeting and wondered if the teacher accidentally confused your child […]

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Kid Friendly High holiday Dessert

With the high holidays around the corner we all need a go to unique dessert to schlep to our in laws (and impress them 😉 ) or serve to guests if we are hosting! Also, a perfect occasion for me to post a recipe blog post! If you know me or just read my blog […]

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3 Reasons Why French Kids Eat Everything and LOVE IT!

Expose your child to as many different foods as possible even if they just have one bite! A common French parenting phrase when it comes to meal time is ”Juste essaye!” the best paper writing company (Just try it).  Instantly your child will step away from what we call  “a picky eater” Have your child taste […]

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5 Ways to Get Your Little One to Snack Healthy

Little ones are visual in every sense of the way. So, your typical colorful and fun potato chip bag or sugary cereal boxes are much more attractive to our little ones than a plain slice of cheese or a carrot stick.     Keep it fun! Keep it colorful! And most importantly…include them in the process. […]

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How to whip up a quick and healthy dinner for your family.

Keep it wholesome, fresh, organic and most of all FUN for the kids to help mommy in the kitchen! 🙂 Light and simple dinners are the perfect meals to end these beautiful sunny days. This vegetarian Eggplant  burger is a great healthy light and savory meal for your little ones to enjoy making and eating. For […]

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